What is Violet HiFi?
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Violet HIFI is an independent, all-in-one resource for HiFi, home theater, audio/visual components, audiophiles, and anything else that promotes extensive audio-video home reproduction.

Damon Wyatt created this site after a love and passion for audio led to the idea of “how can we combine the mass media that already exists in guides for enthusiasts?”  As a result, we strive to provide you with as much content as possible to help you make informed buying decisions, learn about drool-worth products, and dive deep into the bottomless ecstasy pit of home theater and audio.

Violet hifi does

Product Research

Many phenomenal audio/video media sources exist, so we scour the interwebs for fantastic audio goodies and provide combined links and resources.  


If you’ve ever had a question or want to connect with like-minded audio/video lovers, we’ll provide links and information about audio communities via forums and social media.  

Audio/Video Journeys

While this will start out mostly talking about Damon’s audio/video journey, this section will expand with stories from other enthusiasts like yourself.


Many enthusiasts enjoy the process of building much like rebuilding a car or motorcycle.  We provide articles (usually from other sources) about DIY audio projects from speaker and cable creation to designing your own audio stand.

News & Updates

This one is similar to other sites but in this case, we’ll link the news articles to major manufacturers and other sites who are likely established journalists.  This area also provides a “what’s news to me” even if it’s not “new” per se.

Component Adoration

It’s fun to dream and we enjoy that.  It’s the same as someone researching Ferraris who likely can’t afford them.  We will provide a gateway into premium and high-end luxury through short videos and especially in the links to our social media.

Violet hifi does not

Create Our Own Full-On Product Reviews and Receive Free Swag

It’s a serious process and we give all the credit in the world to the businesses and media outlets that provide hands-on, in-depth product reviews.  What you will receive is consolidated features and well-researched information breakdowns based on manufacturer copy, and links to as many reviews (written and video) on the product we can glean from the interwebs.  We’ll likely even toss in the lovely videos where a shaky camera poorly focuses during a Youtube speaker demo.  Our consolidated “reviews” are the conglomerate information of all reviews we researched on a product.

Host a Full Time Media Conglomerate

This site is a labor of love and while there are aspirations and unrealistic dreams to grow the reach and functionality, the people involved in building this site have jobs, families, and enjoy alcohol.  As a result, we’re not likely to host a complete production suite of video capturing, editing, and scripting.  Videos on this site will be hosted and linked from other phenomenal audio superfans and reviewers or we’ll simply use our iPhone 7’s.  

Promote Negativity

This site is about the fandom of all things audio video so it’s unlikely you’ll encounter ominous product titling or outright negativity such as a “don’t buy this or else” mentality.  We love audio and video and products at every price point can be someone’s favorite while another person may dislike it immensely.  For many, taste can be subjective and we will likely lean a bit on the higher end of the spectrum of componentry (due to significant enthusiasm), we’ll be just as excited for the person who gets their first entry-level system as the one who is on their 29th upgrade.

Disclosure on how we fund this site and Affiliates

Creating content and hosting a website is not free and while this is a true passion project for the creator, the truth is that there will be affiliate links on this site.  It is certainly not expected that you will specifically use these links but in order to maintain this site, it is truly appreciated if you do purchase via our affiliates.  In case you want to read more, we’ve published that in our terms.


If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you as this was designed to be honest to you as a reader and to us as content creators.  I look forward to providing you with a plethora of amazing audio/video information.

If you want to know more about me, you’re welcome to read the non-corporate journalesque-style of my audio/video journey.